E-business : what do we need to know as Procurement Managers ?

As an echo of my last article "Under pressure of the e-economy : Indirect Procurement" that you can read in full on this Blog, I found 2 interesting articles that illustrate what is at stake, the changes undergoing in 2 fields :

- Business Travel

Top 3 travel trends :

Trend 1: Generation Y drives technology expectations

Trend 2: Corporate travel goes mobile

Trend 3: Big Data for big insight

Read the full article here

- Virtual currencies and e-payment

Some good insights about the future of digital payment. At Procurement level, those changes might be key to understand as employees may wish to pay their expenses via mobile phone while they travel, or because virtual currencies may bring some benefit at some stages.

Read the full article here.

I hope it can feed you thougts and help to make a step forward and get prepared.

#procurement #eeconomy #travel #digitalpayment

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