Monika Brandt

Category Supply Management Director. Personal Care Europe, Unilever


“Clotilde is a procurement professional with broad experience. She is result oriented and very clear in her communication. She can translate complex challenges into clear action plans. When Clotilde joined my team she has quickly built her category network. She has established very good working relationships with her stakeholders. Clotilde is very responsive and keeps her commitments. She is sharing her experience with colleagues and it was a pleasure having her in my team.”

Mark Rowland

Operations Project Manager, Unilever

“During the transfer of Sanex Bath & Shower production in 2011, Clotilde provided excellent procurement support to the team. She was proactive, pleasant, goal orientated and a good communicator. She understood her subject within the context of the total project and clearly framed opportunities and limitations for others. Clotilde was consistently supportive to other team members (and has a great taste in restaurants!).”

Edward Burgers

Manager Technical Procurement, Sara Lee International

“Clotilde is sharp, clear, takes ownerhip and excellent in her communication. Clotilde is one of the best people, I have worked with in my team.”

Catherine Maurice

IS & Telecom buyer, Plastic Omnium

“Clotilde was a senior buyer when we worked together. She is very professional and result oriented person. She is open minded and her potential to understand complex situations and goals is very useful to succeed in strong negotiations. I have appreciated to work with her, our discussions around professionnal topics and more...”

Philippe Neyroud

Integrated Management System Manager Division, Plastic Omnium

“Clotilde is a result oriented person with lot of professionalism and spirit. She performed a really good job on supplier quality management”



Customer References.



CleanEnergyCapitalists is a canadian company, developer of renewable and alternative energy projects in Western Canada.

Achaz contributed to a project set to develop a 2 MW, grid-tied solar PhotoVoltaic system in Saskatchewan (Canada). Achaz was in charge of identifying the solar panel companies, manufacturing in Europe, that could fit the project, as well as to run a request for prices (RFP), with the selected suppliers.

Leah LAWRENCE, founder of CleanEnergyCapitalists

“Achaz was invaluable in identifying and prioritizing European suppliers of solar PV equipment that would have the capacity to deliver to western Canada.”


High-Infidelity is an artistic transmedia production : an electro-pop opera ballet, a 3D movie, a comic book and a video game, currently in production.
The opera will be on tour in 24 countries and 55 cities in the world during 5 years.


Achaz contributed to the project by analyzing the purchasing process of the production, and recommending a new organization to improve its efficiency.

Yann Ulrich, Creator and Director of High-Infidelity

"Clotilde Hannetel, director of Achaz, convinced me about the relevance of a purchasing process held by a procurement manager for our transmedia production. Her advice on the advantages of this solution and its implementation were particularly enlightening. Moreover, Clotilde develops a very positive energy in her relationship with customers and as such is appreciated as a business partner. "

Elisabet Martínez

R&D Director, Sara Lee Ambipur 

“It is impressive how quick Clotilde mixed with the Ambipur R&D team. She broke all barriers with determination and a smile. Clotilde carefully prepares her projects, studies every angle and the interest of all stakeholders. She executes projects in a complete and effective manner. She is clever, results oriented and a natural winner. Clotilde speaks perfectly Spannish. It was a great experience having Clotilde as business partner.”


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