January 11, 2017

Do you know the Big Data concept ? It is probable that by now, you've heard of it. This is a set of techniques that allow to convert millions of data into information and this, in turn, into knowledge. A knowledge that allows you to discover, for example, repetitive patterns within these datas. It is used in medicine, traffic management, marketing, and in many other fields.

What is the relationship between Big Data and  procure...

January 9, 2015

Starting a new year is always a good opportunity to look at what’s next and which challenges we’ll have to tackle. I give it a chance and set my list of what will probably be the focus of procurement this year.


One trend of this early 2015 that will have a major impact on procurement operations is without any doubt the drop off of oil prices. This is a pretty good news on a cost point of view.

The impact will occur in man...

December 12, 2014

Articulo publicado en la Revista de AERCE de diciembre 2015


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O leer el articulo a bajo :


Últimamente he leído varios artículos sobre el futuro de las compras. Y es de recalcar  un aspecto “novedoso” en este futuro que emerge gradualmente. Me refiero a la habilidad de las compras o, mejor dicho, de los responsables de compras, de tener una mayor comprensión del lenguaje financiero.

Personalmente, coincido...

November 19, 2014

As an echo of my last article "Under pressure of the e-economy : Indirect Procurement" that you can read in full on this Blog, I found 2 interesting articles that illustrate what is at stake, the changes undergoing in 2 fields :


- Business Travel 

Top 3 travel trends :

Trend 1: Generation Y drives technology expectations

Trend 2: Corporate travel goes mobile

Trend 3: Big Data for big insight

Read the full article here


- Virtual cur...

November 9, 2014

and a challenge for Purchasing department to support Operations to adapt to a new situation.

Businesses have already done a lot to manage much better their energy consumption, but considering the evolution of raw material resources, a lot is to do, and to invent probably.

Read the full article here.



November 9, 2014

Interesting readings from the European Institue of Purchasing Management.

Clear and fresh views to continue the Purchasing Transformation process.

Read Here : Journal of Supply Excellence, Volume 3


November 5, 2014

Sievo software helps companies capture savings into bottom line results. And it shows.

Read the article of Peter Smith in Spend Matters.


Achaz is a partner of SIEVO.


September 15, 2014

The article in PDF here


The development of e-business is hitting new economic fields one year after the other . It is bringing a lot of innovation and new business models, which are affecting old and even current logic associated with purchasing.


This is to my mind particularly true in the field of indirect expenses. The digital revolution has lessened the border between our private and professional lives. Most employees for e...

April 28, 2014

The article in PDF here


Mejorar la medición de los ahorros y extender la medición del rendimiento de las compras gracias a nuevos indicadores es posible.


Para los compradores, el indicador por excelencia de rendimiento suele ser el porcentaje o el importe de ahorros generados respecto al gasto gestionado. En base a este KPI, la función de compras ha obtenido la fama de “experta” en la reducción básica de los precios. Por ello,...

December 1, 2013

Read the article in PDF here


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